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Durban University of Technology  Application 2022 : To apply to Durban University Of Technology , you need the documents below :

1) A certified copy of the green bar coded ID

2) Proof of payment of any relevant application fees

3) Certified copy of grade 11 results and any latest grade 12 results

Applicants must check individual further requirements for each course and each tertiary institution. Please also be aware of NBTs and check with your university if you need NBT results to apply.

FYI: South Africans learners wishing to apply online will need a working email address and an ID number. Foreign learners wishing to apply will need to have their passport number.

DUT Application Dates

DUT Application Dates

1 March


15 August : Chiropractic

30 August : Graphic Design, Child and Youth Development, Diagnostic Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Diagnostic Sonography, Emergency Medical Care, Environmental Health

19 September : Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics

20 September : Dental Technology

23 September : Somatology

30 September : All other courses.

2022 Term Dates

Term 1: February 8 – March 18

Term 2: March 29 – June 17

2nd Semester:

Term 3: July 11 – September 16

Term 4: September 26 – December 15

DUT How To Apply

DUT  Application and Acceptance Process

Prospective DUT students should apply through the Central Application Office, or CAO. A matric pupil need only fill out the CAO application form and select which tertiary education institutes they want to apply to. The CAO then distributes their application and later lets the pupil know which institutions accepted him or her. Applications through the CAO open on 01 March and close on 31 October . Pupils can apply online and find more information at the following link.

When should I apply?

Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the application cycle. You can find DUT’s online application form here.

South Africans learners wishing to apply online will need a working email address and an ID number. Foreign learners wishing to apply will need to have their passport number.

Application Fees:

Applicants are required to pay an application fee. There is an accompanying application fee of R200.00 for on time applications and R400.00 for late applications.

For more information, please visit DUT’s Fees booklet here.

Submitting of Results and Documents:

School learners must ensure that all examination results from Grade 11 until September of Grade 12 are submitted. Failure to do such may result in delays within the student’s application process. You might find that you applied early in Grade 12 and thus only sent in your final Grade 11 results. If this is true, as the year progresses and you receive more results keep sending them through to DUT, that way they will have all your results by the time finals come around.

Transferring students should too ensure that all transcripts and academic records are submitted as early as possible as well as that a final transcript of current studies being undertaken reaches the Admissions Office as soon as possible after receipt.

Once you have applied, keep a look out for your acceptance and/or provisional acceptance letter. You are encouraged to monitor your application status at all times, and can do so here.

Dates to remember:

Close: 31 October

late applications accepted

Application Dates, please visit here

DUT Accommodation Residence

Accommodation within DUT residences is very limited and as such DUT encourages prospective students to find their own accommodation in nearby areas. For queries regarding student housing, contact: 031 373 24 94.

DUT owns nine residences which are located around the Steve Biko campus and in central Durban. Male Stratford Hall Stratford Hall is on the Steve Biko Campus and accommodates 149 male students. It consists of single rooms only.

Address: Gate No 5, Steve Biko Campus, 79 Mansfield Road, Durban 4001

Telephone: 031 204 2187 Female Walsingham Hall Walsingham Hall is a ladies residence and accommodates students. It is less than 1 km from the Steve Biko Campus.

Address: 31 Currie Road, Durban 4001

Telephone: 031 201 8549 Mixed Alpine Road Alpine Road is situated at Overport and is about 8 km from the main campus. It takes a total of 231 students, both male and female, in single rooms.

Address: 300 Alpine Road, Overport, Durban 4001

Telephone: 031 207 8424 Baltimore Flats Baltimore Flats is on the beachfront in Durban and is 5 km from the main campus. It houses 286 students in 2-sleeper, 3-sleeper and 4-sleeper sharing rooms.

Address: 10 Smith Street, Durban 4001

Telephone: 031 337 9946 Berea Residence Berea Residence is on the Steve Biko Campus and houses both male and female students. It can house 315 students with single and double rooms.

Address: Gate No 5, Steve Biko Campus, 79 Mansfield Road, Durban 4001

Telephone: 031 204 2193 and 031 204 2722 Campbell Hall Campbell Hall is situated approximately 2 km from the main DUT campus. It accommodates 148 students, both male and female.

Address: 23 James Henderson Crescent, Glenwood 4001

Telephone: 031 205 6379 Hertine Court Hertine Court is within the Albert Park area and approximately 4km from the main campus making it within walking distance. It has 2-sleeper and 4-sleeper rooms.

Address: 128/132 St. Andrew’s Street, Durban 4001

Telephone: 031 304 2444 Student Village Student Village, also on the Steve Biko Campus, accommodates 70 male and female students. This is a self-catering res and is only available to final year and post-grad students.

Address: Gate No 5, Steve Biko Campus, 79 Mansfield Road, Durban 4001

Telephone: 031 204 278

DUT Admission Requirements

The General Admission Rules stipulate inter alia:

(i) the overall minimum admission requirements of the University which must be met to enable a person to be considered for registration as a 5 student for study towards any certificate, diploma or degree, offered by the University or for non-certificate, diploma or degree purposes;

(ii) the minimum and maximum durations of study pertaining to certificate, diploma or degree study at the University;

(iii) the conditions under which the University will grant exemption from registration for a subject(s) which a student has already passed at any other equivalent educational institution and/or in terms of the University’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy;

(iv)the conditions under which the University will grant conditional or unconditional conferment of status of the equivalent pre-requisite qualification, for the purposes of registration for a higher qualification and/or advanced standing in terms of the University’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy;

(v) that the University may refuse the admission or readmission of any person as a student of the University. In so doing the University will stipulate the conditions which a person must meet in order to be considered for admission or readmission; and

(vi)that the medium of instruction is English.

(vii) University practice regarding credential evaluation will in the first instance take the form of conferment of status. That is, the academic department, as the discipline experts evaluate the applicant’s qualification/s for equivalence to the entrance requirement/s of the qualification applied for. The advice of the International Office and that of the Registrar’s Office may be sought in this evaluation. Only if an academic department is not able to obtain sufficient information to evaluate the applicant’s qualification for conferment of status, should a SAQA evaluation be sought.

Both of these processes ie conferment of status and the SAQA, assess the level of the Qualification and not the authenticity of the Qualification/ certificate. The authenticity of the qualification/certificate will have to be evaluated by the official of the University involved with academic registration

Durban University of Technology Online Registration Date

Applications can be made via the Central Applications Office (CAO) at or visit the CAO at: Mary Thiphe Street (formerly corner of Francois and Cato Manor Roads), Cato Manor, Durban, Tel: (031) 268 4444 or Share Call: 086 0860 CAO / 086 0860 226, International dialling code for SA +27

Registration Dates:

  • Register on the day and in the venue advertised on the registration timetable. N.B. If you do not do this your place in the programme may be lost.
  • Refer to the registration dates as indicated in the registration timetable below.
  • Bring your own pen to registration

For those students who do not have access to a computer at home you will have to register online at a computer laboratory at the University. You will need to consult the Registration timetable which is available on this website for the exact times, dates and venues.

In order to register online, First Time Entering Students will need to have:

  • paid the minimum fee installment due at registration
  • submitted the required documentation to Student Admissions
  • received notification of a firm offer from Student Admissions based on their final results
  • complied with the relevant sections hereunder which will allow them to register.

In order to register online, Returning Students will need to have:

  • settled any arrears fees
  • paid the minimum fee installment due at registration
  • fulfilled the requirements for promotion to the next level of study in the relevant programme
  • submitted all outstanding documentation
  • complied with the relevant sections hereunder which will allow them to register.

YOU WILL NEED, PRIOR TO REGISTRATION, TO ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE PAID THE MINIMUM DEPOSIT (AT LEAST FIVE WORKING DAYS) AND YOUR FEES ARE UP-TO-DATE IN ORDER TO REGISTER ON THE WEB. If you do not do this your registration will automatically be blocked. Please see the Registration Timetable which is available on this website for the exact date and time for your Programme (You may also register on the web from home via the DUT website and the iEnabler link.)

If you do not register at the specified date and time you will register during the late registration period and will be charged the late registration fee.

Outstanding Documentation Affecting Registration
Even if you are a returning student you need the following documentation to register:

  1. Any outstanding original documents (eg Senior Certificate not Statement of Results), Identity Document, Study Permit, etc) must be submitted to the Faculty Office the week before you register. Your Statement of Results is temporary, so, if you previously submitted your Statement of Results to us you will now need to collect your Senior Certificate from school and submit it in order to register.
  2. No student will be re-registered at registration, without the enclosed Indemnity and Surety forms being returned, completely filled out and all the necessary documentation attached. Please ensure that the form is signed and stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths as you will need this form to register.

Registration Costs
Minimum First Installment on Registration
Non-Residence Students: Annual: R3 690-00 Semester: R2 260-00

Residence Students: Annual: R7 830-00 Semester: R4 530-00 (includes tuition and residence) In the event of the fees costing less than the first installment requested by the University, the lesser amount will be payable on registration.

NSFAS Students are required to pay their family contribution, if any, on registration as their first installment. If the family contribution exceeds the abovementioned amounts, the difference must be paid according to the DUT’s fee installment plan. The installment plan is specified in the Fee Booklet which will be available on the DUT Website. In the event of the fees costing less than the first installment requested by the University, the lesser amount will be payable on registration.

Payment of Fees: To avoid the complications, payment must be made at least five working days before registration through the bank using the M65 Deposit Slip (available on the DUT Website) and using your student number as reference. Failure to ensure that all relevant payments have been made will result in your registration being blocked. Proof of payment must be brought to Web Registration. Should you pay your fees in full you are eligible for a 5% discount.

Postgraduate Students
ALL Masters and Doctoral Students MUST register each year.

To access online registration, you will need to enter the Student Portal on the DUT’s main website, find the Student Self-Service link, and then access the i-enabler page. For details on how to login, passwords etc. see the online registration guide for details.

DUT4Life Email For Students
DUT4LIFE provides students & alumni with a free 10GB lifetime email account, 25GB online storage solution, collaboration, blogging, photo sharing, event planning, instant messaging tools and much more! After registration, consult your General Handbook for details on how to activate your account as this is your official email channel with the university.

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