By | April 19, 2022

Sixty first-year UFH Bachelor of Nursing students walked across the stage to receive their first pins, one on each shoulder, to signify the first year of their four-year journey to becoming professional nurses.

The ceremony was held on the 12th of April at the Nursing Science Building on the East London campus.

In addition to symbolizing the start of their studies, the ceremony also signified the launch of the nursing student’s new uniform. The Department has since replaced the white uniform with a maroon scrub with azure blue piping.

Nursing Science HOD, Ms Ntombana Rala said the pinning ceremony is a prestigious event for nurses in waiting. “It is the pinning of the values of nursing and also the values of the University. It is a very significant event.”

Explaining the change of colour of the scrubs, Ms Rala said after much discussion, the department decided on the colour maroon which represents the colour of the epaulettes worn by qualified nurses. “The blue represents one of the University’s colours.” The pins display the University’s logo.

Ms Noluvu Gosangaye who is the Nursing Science level 1 coordinator for the Bachelor of Nursing qualification said the new students have shown great commitment to becoming nurses and upholding the values of the profession. “Nursing is a calling and these students have responded to that calling. We have no doubt they will represent the profession and the University excellently.”

Among the future nurses is Wandile Mzuku who is following in his mother’s footsteps by becoming a nurse. “My mother is a nurse and it has always been my dream to pursue a career in the medical field. Helping others is very rewarding and it feels good. With this qualification, I am heading in the right direction to achieve my dream. ” he said.

Another student, 42-year-old Zukiswa Mnyapa dedicated her pin to her late sister who passed away while giving birth in a hospital in 2009. “A few hours before my sister died, she placed her newborn baby in my arms and asked me to take care of her child. Today, I am reminded by her words that I have also been destined to take care of others,” said the mother of four.

The Faculty Manager for Health Science, Penny Nhlumayo implored the students to go out there and strive for excellence. “When you complete your studies, we want you to go out there and save lives and uphold the dignity of the nursing profession.”

By Aretha Linden

Pic: Tim Wilson