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Piper Aircraft For Sale In South Africa

What is Piper Aircraft?

Piper Aircraft, Inc. is a manufacturer of general aviation aircraft, located at the Vero Beach Regional Airport in Vero Beach, Florida, United States and owned since 2009 by the Government of Brunei.

Piper Aircraft For Sale In South Africa

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Piper plane cost?

A new Piper single-engine turboprop costs between $2.3m for a 2021 Piper M500, and $3.3m for a Piper M600/SLS (according to Aircraft Bluebook’s Fall 2022 data). Buyers can buy a used Piper turboprop for less, with the price ultimately depending on the model, age and condition of the aircraft.

Is a Piper better than a Cessna?

“It boils down to the fact that it doesn’t really make any difference. There are those who will say that the high-wing trainers such as the Cessna 150, 152, or 172 are easier to fly and are more stable. Others will say that low-wing aircraft such as the Pipers are better. The truth is that either type is acceptable.

How much is fuel for a Piper?

The Piper Cherokee burns about 8 gallons per hour with Avgas typically costing about $6 per gallon, hourly fuel costs for the Piper PA-28 run between $48 per hour.

Is Piper a good airplane?

Conclusion. Piper aircraft have been much loved and very popular for many years. The company has built aircraft suitable for every type of private pilot with almost any budget and continues to do so. So if you are in the market for an aircraft for personal flying, one of Piper’s stable may indeed be the one for you.

What is the cheapest plane I can buy?

The Cessna 150 is the most affordable plane on the market. It’s perfect for beginner pilots who are looking for an easy-to-fly aircraft. The Cessna 150 has a single-engine and can fly up to speeds of 124 miles per hour. It also has a service ceiling of 15,300 feet and a range of 350 miles.

How fast does a Piper go?

It has a maximum speed of 157 knots, runs at 75% power during cruise at 7500. The average cruise speed of the Piper Lance is 142 knots at 65% power.

How much is a brand new Piper?

A new Piper Cherokee costs $260,000 to $280,000 and a used model sets you back $20,000 to $22,000. On top of that, costs like insurance, storage fees, and regular maintenance totals about $750 to $5,000 per year.

Why do Pipers only have one door?

Having one door is just a design preference which makes the aircraft simpler, and lighter to build. There are many other light aircraft with only one door. Besides Piper, most Mooney, Beechcraft, and Bellanca aircraft only have one door.

What fuel does a Piper use?

The Piper Archer is powered by a single 180 horsepower Lycoming O-360-A4M engine that is approved for use of 93-octane unleaded fuel.

How many miles can a Piper fly?

With a full load of fuel and a long-range cruise power setting, Piper claims the Mirage can fly three people about 1,450 nautical miles and land with IFR fuel reserves.

Why did the Piper Jet fail?

NTSB Finds Improper Maintenance Was a Cause of 2020 Crash of Piper PA-28 – Plane & Pilot Magazine.

How much does a Piper M350 cost?

Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned PIPER M350 is $1,288,333.33. A $592,500.00 loan over 120 months including $2468.75 per month in interest equates to a $29,710.15 per-period payment.