By | June 11, 2021

Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your interest in the Oasis Bursary Programme for the 2022 Academic Year. Please complete this application form
in accordance with the instructions below and submit the completed application form to the Oasis Bursary Committee within the
prescribed timelines. Kindly ensure that all supporting documentation is included, so that your application can be taken into
consideration by the Oasis Bursary Committee.

Salient Terms of the Bursary Award
Should your application be successful, please note that:
• The Oasis Bursary is only offered for the fields of study/courses listed in schedule 1 hereto.
• You may not amend your course of study without prior written consent from the Company;
• You will be required to maintain an average of 70% for the duration of your course of study and you will be required to provide
regular reports in this regard;
• The Bursary is awarded for the full academic period at a single academic institution;
• You will be required to participate in the Oasis Vacation Work Programme;
• You will be required to enter into an agreement with the Bursar and its Administrator, which agreement will provide more detail of
the above and the remaining terms and conditions upon which the Bursary will be awarded to you;
• Upon the successful and satisfactory completion of the course of study stipulated in the Bursary agreement, you will take up
employment with the Company for a period equal to the duration for which you are on the Oasis Bursary Programme, plus one
calendar year, (“the Period”) unless otherwise determined by the Company;
• That you may not accept any other Bursary or other form of financial assistance from any other company without the prior written
consent of the Company;
• You are accordingly advised to carefully consider the above prior to submitting your application as the Bursar follows a stringent
selection process and should the above not be acceptable to you, this may result in another deserving student’s application not
being considered and would negatively impact the selection process.

2 Instructions to Complete and Submit the Application Form

Instructions to Complete and Submit the Application Form

Ensure that all fields are completed and all supporting documentation is attached.

Use CAPITAL BLOCK LETTERS when completing sections A to C.

All copies of supporting documentation must be certified to be true copies of the originals thereof.

Incomplete application forms will not be considered.

All requested information must be submitted, or an explanation must be given as to why you cannot provide it. Also indicate
when the outstanding documentation will be available. Any outstanding documentation must be submitted as soon as it
becomes available. You will not be reminded to submit any outstanding documents.

Do not attach original documents. Only certified copies must be supplied, as submitted documentation will not be returned to
the applicant.

A clear passport-size colour photograph of you must be attached to the top right-hand corner of the front page.

Arrange the documents in the order that it appears in the checklist on page 6.

Upload your complete application pack via WeTransfer.