By | June 11, 2021

Money isn’t the only thing we see differently. We know potential when we spot it. That’s why we believe in people who believe in themselves. Through the Nedbank Bursary Fund, we give young talent the financial lift they need to be the best version of themselves.

Each year we offer bursaries to students who need a bit of help to make ends meet. So, if you’re dreaming of going places, the Nedbank Bursary Programme could unlock your future by helping you get the university degree you’ll need to take you there.

To ensure that you qualify, we have to ask a few questions: 

Were you born in South Africa?

Are you doing your bit to help Nedbank reach its transformation targets?

Are you spending enough time behind the books? Specifically, did you reach at least a 65% average pass mark, while meeting all the registration criteria of a South African public university or university of technology?

What’s your financial means test score?

Is the degree you’re keen on a future skill?

Q: I’d like to study at a private institution. Do I qualify for a bursary? 
A: Unfortunately, no. We only fund undergraduate degrees or diplomas at a South African public university or university of technology.
Q: I’m planning to get two qualifications at two institutions at the same time. Can I be funded for both?
A: No. You can only be funded for one undergraduate degree or diploma at a time.
Q: I’ve already completed a university qualification but would like to enrol for a second one in a different field. Would I qualify for the bursary? 
A: No. We aim to help as many people as possible, so you only qualify for your first undergraduate degree or diploma.   
Q: I already have a partial bursary from another organisation. Can I apply for the bursary to cover the rest? 
A: No. The Nedbank bursary is comprehensive, so you can be funded by only the Nedbank bursary if you’re chosen.
Q: If I owe money to a university, will the Nedbank bursary help with that debt? If so, how? 
A: No. We cannot help you to pay back previously incurred study debt.
Q: Does the bursary fund international/foreign students? 
A: Only students who are South African citizens qualify.
Q: So, who can apply? 
South African citizens only.People with a proven financial need.People with a good past and present academic track record.People with a minimum academic average of 65% in the year they’re applying, ie grade 12 or university level.People with a minimum academic average of 65% for the subjects they’re planning to study at university.People studying Mathematics Literacy will not be considered. People who are successfully placed at a South African public university or university of technology for an undergraduate qualification.
Q: What documents do I need to apply for the bursary? 
A: A valid South African ID and most recent academic transcript.
Q: What documents do I need if I’m shortlisted? 
Proof of income of your parents/guardians, eg payslips.Social grant advices.Affidavit if you’re unemployment.Income and expenditure statement of your parents/guardians.Death certificate of parent(s), if applicable.Divorce certificate of parent(s), if applicable.
Q: What expenses does the Nedbank bursary cover? 
Fulltime tuition.Prescribed textbooks.Monthly stipend.Accommodation (10 months of the academic year excluding the deposit).*Meals.**Accommodation and meals – approval is dependent on the Nedbank Education Trust.
Q: Do I have to repay Nedbank for the bursary? 
A: No, the bursary is a CSI initiative.
Q: Will I have to work for Nedbank after I graduate? 
A: No, the bursary is a CSI initiative, but you may still apply to be part of a graduate programme at Nedbank after you’ve graduated.
Q: What type of qualifications does the bursary sponsor?  
A: Bursaries are given to address future skill requirements in the financial sector, as well as in South Africa as a whole.