Zirconia Suppliers In South Africa

Zirconia Suppliers In South Africa

zirconium dioxide is a white solid used in ceramic glazes and refractory coatings and as a synthetic substitute for diamonds in jewelry.

Zirconia Suppliers In South Africa

Zirconium Granules

Titanium/ Zirconium Concentrates

Nagoya Metallurgy Pty Ltd

Where is zirconium found in South Africa?

Important mining operations in zircon production are¬†Richards Bay Minerals Exxaro’s, KwaZulu-Natal Sands, and Namakwa Sands. Richards Bay Minerals (RBM), the largest zircon producer in South Africa, has enormous reserves along the KwaZulu-Natal coastlines situated along the eastern coast of South Africa.

How much is cubic zirconia per carat in South Africa?

One-carat cubic zirconia of any color will only cost you around R100, while a nice white one-carat natural diamond will cost tens of thousands of Rands.

Which is better zirconia or cubic zirconia?

Zircon is by far higher in value compared to cubic zirconia because of its natural properties. Although cubic zirconia is easier on the pockets, zircon will last a lifetime and be more valuable in the long run. Zircon also provides healing values to those that wear it.