World Remit Offices In South Africa

What is a World Remit?

WorldRemit is a digital cross-border remittance business that provides international money transfer and remittance services in more than 130 countries and over 70 currencies.

World Remit Offices In South Africa

Exchange4free – South Africa

Address: 4th Floor, Eastgate Office Towers, 43 Bradford Rd, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, 2007, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

Phone: +27 11 453 7818

Is there WorldRemit in South Africa?

You can transfer money via WorldRemit from South Africa to 130+ destinations across the world. Please click on any link below for more information.

How can I withdraw money from WorldRemit in South Africa?

Withdrawing money from your WorldRemit Wallet is free. Select the ‘Transfer’ button below your balance and choose to withdraw using your preferred pay-out option (e.g. options typically include cash pickup, bank transfer or mobile money transfers etc).

How long does it take for WorldRemit to send money to South Africa?

How long does a money transfer to South Africa take? 90% of the money transfers to South Africa are sent to WorldRemit local partners in South Africa within minutes.

At this time, these funds are either ready for collection by the recipient (Cash Pickup) or to be added into their bank account or mobile money account.