Wire Nail Suppliers In South Africa

Wire Nail Suppliers In South Africa

Below is the Wire Nail Suppliers In South Africa


Address: 1725 Reduktor Ave, Stormill, Roodepoort, 1725, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 474 1850

How many wire nails are in 1 kg?

1kg Pack 50mm(2″) Nails galvanised Round Wire2. 65mm Gauge. Approx 441 nails are in 1 kg of nails.

Which wire is best for nail making?

Iron is strong (especially in galvanized form) and resistant to corrosion, while it can be produced affordably and shaped with ease. All of this makes iron wire an appealing option for bulk applications and means that steel wire for nail making could be exactly what you need.

What are wire nails called?

Common wire nails are construction steel products with multiple uses. Also, these types of steel nails are known as steel common nails, construction nails, or framing nails. These nails have diamond-shaped points, flat heads and straight shanks. Common nails are the most popular among steel nails.

How many nails are in a 5kg box?

Galvanized steel round-headed nail 45mm long x 5mm diameter and used in conjunction with Washer Galvanised 19 for securing Aluminium strips and Cappings to poles. Supplied in a 5kg box (Approx 650 nails).