Where To Find Pallets In South Africa

Where To Find Pallets In South Africa

What is Pallet?

A pallet is a flat transport structure, which supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift, a pallet jack, a front loader, a jacking device, or an erect crane. A pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load, which allows handling and storage efficiencies. 

Where To Find Pallets In South Africa

Premier Pallets CC (Admin office. Stock only available at R21 warehouse not at admin office)

Address: 1226 Justice Mahommed St, Menlo Park, Pretoria, 0081, South Africa
Phone: +27 87 944 1882

SA Pallet Crate & Box

Address: 73 11th Rd, Kew, Johannesburg, 2090, South Africa
Areas served: Gauteng
Phone: +27 82 815 1558

Elite Pallet Services (Pty) Ltd – Wooden Pallets

Address: cnr Paul Smit Rd &, Francis Rd, Anderbolt, Boksburg, 1459, South Africa
Areas served: Gauteng and nearby areas
Phone: +27 11 918 7490

Pallet World Gauteng

Address: 9 Berry Rd, Roodekop, Germiston, 1401, South Africa
Phone: +27 82 377 4054

The Pallet & Crate Kingdom

Address: cnr Elandsdrift and R512 Northern Farm Lanseria, Midrand, 1748, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 476 2104


Address: 1 Fisher Ave, Epping, Cape Town, 7460, South Africa
Phone: +27 83 982 9546

Plastic Pallet Manufacturing

Address: 6 Esso Rd, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Phone: +27 21 527 2725

S&S Box and Pallet Manufacturers

Address: 15 Clarke N St, Alrode, Alberton, 1451, South Africa
Areas served: Mbombela and nearby areas
Phone: +27 11 864 3588

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much does a pallet cost in South Africa?

Priced from around R40 each if you buy on Gumtree or similar online classified website, wood pallets do require some preparation, but at such a low cost any prep work is well worth it when you consider how much you save.

What is the average price of a pallet?

On average, pallets, cost $120.00 depending on the type of pallet. Pallet costs range from $4.00 to $200.00 for most pallets. However, pallets are largely diverse in the different types they come in, such as wood, plastic, paper/ presswood or metal, the costs will vary.

How much is a single pallet?

For a new, modified, 48-by-40-inch GMA pallet, recent pricing has been in the $11.25-$12.50 range, depending upon the region of the country, according to Pallet Profile Weekly. A heavier-duty block-style pallet such as those used by pallet pools would be $25 or more. No.

How profitable is a pallet business?

Keep in mind that profits in the U.S. pallet industry are normally 10% or less. And in some cases, the profit margin is less than 5%. Do not use benchmarks from other industries when conducting financial analysis. The U.S. pallet sector is one of the most competitive industries in terms of price sensitivity.1 

Why are pallets so expensive?

Pallet costs are up 400%, according to the association, due to several factors, including high demand and rising lumber costs. Repositioning the pallets is also a challenge as trucking capacity is strained. Not enough trucks and drivers are available to move the pallets from one location to another, the group said.

What is the cost of a wooden pallet?

Pallet prices in the U.S. are usually between $9 and $12. Today it’s closer to $15 on average. In California, where goods often cost more than the national average, businesses are seeing an even greater increase.

What pallets are worth money?

Pallet size will (usually) have the most impact on the value of your load when selling pallets. Industry standard sizes, such as the 48×40 pallet used in grocery stores or the 48×45 pallet used in automotive, will hold a higher value than odd-size or custom sized pallets.

How much are blue pallets worth?

In the U.S. CHEP enlisted hundreds of customers as “participating” distributors, giving them incentives to return pallets on time. It pays ransom to pallet recyclers, $2.25 for each blue pallet they send back to chep.

How much do shipping pallets cost?

You can purchase a standard 40-inch by 48-inch pallet in new condition for anywhere from roughly $11.25 to $12.50. If you desire heat treatment, add one dollar to this price range. For recycled wooden pallets, an eco-friendly and cost-saving option, expect to pay between $4.25 and $7.40.

How big is a pallet of wood?

When we talk about the standard pallet size in North America, we’re generally talking about the 48” x 40” wooden pallet. The 48 x 40 wooden pallet was established as the standard-sized pallet by the Consumer Brand Association (CBA), but it took some time to get there.

Are Amazon pallets real?

Amazon return pallets are pallets of goods that have been returned to Amazon. They are sold unseen at vastly discounted prices to anyone willing to take the risk. The potential for making a lot of money is substantial, simply by refurbishing and reselling the items.

What is pallet used for?

A pallet is a portable, rigid platform that’s flat and can carry the load. Different types of pallets are used to pile up, store, assemble, or transport goods. They improve warehouse operational efficiency by allowing easy movement of stacked goods using machines or tools, such as forklifts and pallet jacks.