Where To Eat In Xitsonga South Africa

Where To Eat In Xitsonga South Africa

Where To Eat In Xitsonga South Africa

Katawodieso Special Catering

Address: B30/70, Chantan,Nii, Nii Okaiman East

Phone: 020 796 6125

African Cho Bar

Address: JQ7H+4PP, Swaniker St, Accra


Address: Around Total filling station, Golden Suveniar TESANO near God’s Grace International School, Junction Rd, Accra

Phone: 023 187 2103


Niyeni eatery

Address: Tse Addo Off Tse Addo roundabout to the Korr Bridge, Accra

Phone: 024 235 5133

African Pot Restaurant

Address: 19, Pmb Ct 97, Cantonments, 20 Airport Bypass Rd, Accra

Phone: 030 278 5056


Address: GRX7+6G6, Castle Dr, Accra
Phone: 024 224 6424

What is the name of Tsonga food?

What is Tsonga's traditional food? - Quora

Typical Tsonga indigenous food or dishes include xigugu, tihove( a kind of samp), tshopi, vuswa bya mavele(mealie pap), xigwimbi, vukanyi, and matomani (mopani worms).

What is the Tsonga culture in South Africa?

The Tsonga culture was strongly based on kinship ties which held clans and tribes together. The family unit consisted of a man and his wife or wives and their children. It also included the wives and families of his sons. When a son’s family grew too big they would usually build a new compound near their fathers.

Where do Tsonga people live in South Africa?

The Shangaan-Tsonga people | Culture | History | Nelspruit ...

This spurred on a chaotic period during which Tsonga people moved southwards and defeated groups in Northern Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal), while others moved to the Transvaal (now Gauteng) and settled in areas such as Soutpansberg, Nelspruit, Barberton, and Rustenburg.