Where Is Yzerfontein In Cape Town South Africa

What is Yzerfontein?

Yzerfontein, or Ysterfontein, is a small harbor town with about 1200 inhabitants on the west coast of South Africa about 90 km north of Cape Town. 

Where Is Yzerfontein In Cape Town South Africa?

Yzerfontein is situated in the West Coast region of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Is Yzerfontein a nice place to live?

Yzerfontein is a lovely seaside town on the popular Cape West Coast. The area is renowned for its natural beauty with its

stretches of sandy beaches, prolific fynbos, and Table Mountain’s majestic silhouette in the background.

How many permanent residents are in Yzerfontein?

Yzerfontein is especially known and popular amongst retirees, holidaymakers, and tourists.

The permanently occupied dwellings amount to approximately 4095 of the total number and a permanent population of approximately 1140 residents.