Where Is Woodstock In Cape Town South Africa

What is Woodstock?

Woodstock Music and Art Fair, commonly called Woodstock, was a music festival held from August 15 to 18, 1969.

Where Is Woodstock In Cape Town South Africa?

Woodstock is one of the earliest suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, between the docks of Table Bay and the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak, about 1 kilometer (0.6 mi) east of the city center of Cape Town.

What kind of area is Woodstock Cape Town?

Woodstock is one of the oldest suburbs in Cape Town and it is also one of the hippest. An incredible mix of diversity and cultures makes the neighborhood a vibrant,

bustling blend of food, fashion, arts, and design. Woodstock is a place to be seen and heard, favored by locals for good reason.

How old is Woodstock in Cape Town?

The name of Woodstock was only given in 1867 when the residents gathered at the Woodstock Hotel and voted for a new name for their suburb (previously known as New Brighton).

This led to the popularity and growth of the suburb from 1870.