Where Is Waterfall In Durban, South Africa

What is Waterfall?

The original impetus was the need to provide London with a modern sewerage system

Where Is Waterfall In Durban, South Africa?

The waterfall is virtually a suburb of Hillcrest, lying as it does directly north of Kloof and adjacent to Hillcrest and Forest Hill, barely 30-plus kilometers outside of Durban.

What is the biggest waterfall in Durban?

Tugela Falls
Total height983 m (3,225 ft)
Number of drops5
Longest drop411 m (1,348 ft)
WatercourseTugela River

What is special about Tugela Falls?

The water of the Tugela River drops over the edge of the famous Amphitheatre in the northern Drakensberg to form Tugela Falls.

It is an unusual waterfall because it consists of five separate falls. Most other waterfalls have only one fall. The highest fall is 1,348 feet (411 meters).