Where Is Unisa In Polokwane, South Africa

What is a Unisa?

The University of South Africa (UNISA)[a] is the largest university system in South Africa by enrollment. It attracts a third of all higher education students in South Africa.

Through various colleges and affiliates, UNISA has over 400,000 students, including international students from 130 countries worldwide, making it one of the world’s mega universities and the only such university in Africa.

Where Is Unisa In Polokwane, South Africa?

Does Unisa have a campus in Polokwane?

UNISA (Polokwane Campus) – Polokwane, South Africa – College & university

Do Unisa students get accommodation?

UniSA can help you access a range of long and short-term housing opportunities to suit different budgets. Some of your options include private rentals, student hostels, residential colleges, student apartments, and homestays

How much is the monthly allowance for UniSA students?

LMA is calculated at R700 per module for the first 4 modules and R5460 for 5 or more modules per academic year. Students registered for 10 or more modules qualify for an incidental allowance of R304. 50 per month for 10 months.

How much does student accommodation cost in South Africa?

On-campus housing costs between R39 400 – and R114 600 per year, depending on size and number of rooms. An initial payment fee of R20 000 is due in February.

If your residence offer is made after the due date, initial payment is due immediately. The balance of your on-campus housing fee is due by 30 June.