Where Is the Sizakala Center In Durban, South Africa

What is a Sizakala Center In Durban?

Sizakala Centres

Address: Wiggins Rd, Chesterville, Durban, 4091, South Africa

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 5 pm ⋅ Opens 9 am Tue

Phone: +27 31 264 0338

Sizakala Centres

Address: Durban Central, Durban, 4000, South Africa

Phone: +27 31 322 1819

How to apply for prepaid electricity meter in Durban?

New Prepayment Meter

  1. Visit one of our Customer Service Centres and fill in a blue application form.
  2. Your completed application will be captured, referenced, and forwarded to the relevant department for technical analysis and costing.

How much does it cost to convert to prepaid electricity?

The cost for prepaid conversion is R600-00 which includes a once-off nonrefundable payment for the keypad and an R100-00 electricity voucher.

The person who made the payment takes ownership of the keypad (CIU). The smart meter outside in the kiosks will remain the property of Impact meters.