Where Is The Deed Office In Cape Town South Africa

What is a Deed Office?

The Deeds Office is a branch of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development and is responsible for the accurate examination, registration, and record-keeping of all property transactions.

Where Is The Deed Office In Cape Town South Africa?

Deeds Office Cape Town

Address: 90 Plein St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Phone: +27 21 464 7600

Where do I get a title deed in Cape Town?

To obtain a copy of a deed or document from a deeds registry, you must:

  • Go to any deeds office (deeds registries may not give out information acting on a letter or a telephone call).
  • Go to the information desk, where an official will help you complete a prescribed form and explain the procedure.

How many deeds offices are there in South Africa?

Deeds | About Us

11 deeds registries

There are 11 deeds registries located in nine (9) provinces and are overseen by the Office of the Chief Registrar of Deeds (OCRD).

How long does lodgement take at the Deeds Office Cape Town?

around 7 to 8 working days

It currently takes around 7 to 8 working days for registration in the Deeds Office. Below is a guideline of the typical process a deed will follow after lodgement at the Deeds Office.

How long does the Deeds Office take in South Africa?

eight to 10 days

Documents lodged at Deeds Office

All the documents are lodged with the Deeds Office – bond approval and cancellation documents, clearance and compliance certificates, and receipts. If all is in order, the property is registered in the new owner’s name. Estimated turnaround time: eight to 10 days.