Where Is Somerset West In Cape Town South Africa

What is Somerset West?

Somerset West is a town in the Western Cape, South Africa. Organisationally and administratively it is included in the City of Cape Town metropolitan municipality as a suburb of the Helderberg region.

Where Is Somerset West In Cape Town South Africa?

Somerset West is located on the N2 about 45 kilometers (30 mi) east of Cape Town and 20 kilometers (10 mi) south of Stellenbosch. 

Is Somerset West a good area to live in?

Somerset West living is blissful and peaceful, leaving residents feeling security and relaxation while enjoying breathtaking views of the Helderberg mountains surrounding the area.

This area has a close-knit community that does not take their surroundings for granted.

Is Somerset West urban or rural?

Urban AreaSource: Statistics South Africa (by adrianfrith.com).