Where Is Snow In Cape Town South Africa

What is Snow?

Snow comprises individual ice crystals that grow while suspended in the atmosphere—usually within clouds—and then fall, accumulating on the ground where they undergo further changes.

Where Is Snow In Cape Town South Africa?

When snow falls in Cape Town, it is typically limited to the higher elevations of the surrounding mountain ranges, such as Table Mountain, the Hottentots Holland Mountains, and the Boland Mountains.

These peaks, reaching heights of over a thousand meters, create an ideal environment for snow formation and accumulation.

Where is there snow in Cape Town?

The picturesque fruit growing town of Ceres is best known for its snow fields. The town lies about 135km outside of Cape Town, near the Matroosberg Mountains. The reserve here is where you can experience plenty of fun in the snow.

Which month does it snow in South Africa?

Parts of South Africa are accustomed to snow during its winter months, June to August.

Does Cape Town experience snow?

WINTER. During the winter months, Cape Town has cool, wet weather with temperatures ranging from the mid-teens to low-20s Celsius. The city experiences frequent rain during this time, and the mountains may even receive some snow.