Where Is Sidwell In Port Elizabeth, South Africa

What is a Sidwell?

Sidwell is a neighborhood in Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape.

Where Is Sidwell In Port Elizabeth, South Africa?

Sidwell is located in the region of Eastern Cape. Eastern Cape’s capital Bhisho (Bhisho) is approximately 210 km / 130 mi away from Sidwell (as the crow flies).

The distance from Sidwell to South Africa’s capital Pretoria (Pretoria) is approximately 941 km / 585 mi (as the crow flies).

How far is Port Elizabeth and Cape Town?

Distance from Port-Elizabeth to Cape-Town

The shortest distance (air line) between Port-Elizabeth and Cape-Town is 409.63 mi (659.23 km). The shortest route between Port-Elizabeth and Cape-Town is 465.14 mi (748.57 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. 8h 58min.