Where Is Seal Island In Cape Town South Africa

What is a Seal Island?

Seal Island is a small land mass located 5.7 kilometers (3.5 miles) off the northern beaches of False Bay, near Cape Town in South Africa.

The island is so named because of the great number of Cape fur seals that occupy it. It is 5 acres (2.0 hectares) in area and home to 64,000 cape fur seals.

Where Is Seal Island In Cape Town South Africa?

LOCATED IN FALSE BAY JUST off the coast of Cape Town, Seal Island is a small granite landform swarmed with Cape Fur Seals.

Can you go on Seal Island South Africa?

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In Hout Bay, you’ll have the option of taking a boat to Seal Island to get a closer look at the seal population (not included in the tour price). The boat cruise takes approximately 45 minutes and we will view the seal colony from the boat.