Where Is Sea Cow In Durban, South Africa

What is a Sea Cow In Durban?

Sea Cow Lake is a residential area in central Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Where Is Sea Cow In Durban, South Africa?

Sea-Cow Lake is a suburb in Ethekwini, KwaZulu-Natal. Sea-Cow Lake is situated nearby to the quarter of Briardene Informal Settlement and the suburb Riverside.

Do sea cows still exist?

sea cow, (Hydrodamalis gigas), a very large aquatic mammal, now extinct, that once inhabited nearshore areas of the Komandor Islands in the Bering Sea.

Steller’s sea cows were wiped out by hunters in the 18th century less than 30 years after they were first discovered by Arctic explorers.