Where Is Plumstead In Cape Town South Africa

What is a Plumstead?

Plumstead is a hilly suburb known for its sprawling green spaces, notably Plumstead Common, with walking paths, tennis courts, and the wooded Slade Ravine.

The adjoining Winn’s Common has an ancient burial mound as well as an adventure playground and paddling pool.

There are a handful of classic pubs in the neighbourhood, while convenience stores and Chinese and Indian takeaway spots line the busy High Street.

Where Is Plumstead In Cape Town South Africa?

Plumstead is a residential suburb situated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

Is Plumstead a good area?


Plumstead is in the Southern Suburbs, one of the most popular residential areas in Cape Town. This area is peaceful, quiet, and leafy, and is seen by many as the perfect place to bring up children. Plumstead is near the University of Cape Town, as well as many good schools.

What are the demographics of Plumstead Cape Town?

The population is predominantly White (55%) and Coloured (29%). 75% of those aged 20 years and older have completed Grade 12 or higher. 94% of the labor force (aged 15 to 64) is employed. 18% of households have a monthly income of R3 200 or less.

Is Plumstead a town?

Plumstead is almost entirely a suburb of the industrial town of Woolwich. The riverside parish is between Woolwich and Erith, and for many centuries its thousand or so inhabitants made a living from fishing and agriculture; the name Plumstead means “the place where the plums grow”.