Where Is Parliament In Cape Town South Africa

What is a Parliament?

In modern politics and history, a parliament is a legislative body of government. Generally, a modern parliament has three functions: representing the electorate, making laws, and overseeing the government via hearings and inquiries.

The term is similar to the idea of a senate, synod or congress and is commonly used in countries that are current or former monarchies.

Some contexts restrict the use of the word parliament to parliamentary systems, although it is also used to describe the legislature in some presidential systems (e.g., the Parliament of Ghana), even where it is not in the official name.

Where Is Parliament In Cape Town South Africa?

The Houses of Parliament of South Africa are situated in Cape Town. The building consists of three main sections: the original building, completed in 1884, and additions constructed in the 1920s and 1980s.

The newer additions house the National Assembly (the lower house of the bicameral Parliament of South Africa), and the original building houses the National Council of Provinces (the upper house of Parliament).

Where does the Parliament sit in South Africa?

Cape Town

Parliament sits at the Houses of Parliament, Cape Town, even though the seat of government is in Pretoria. This dates back to the foundation of the Union, when there was disagreement among the four provinces as to which city would be the national capital.

What is the capital of the Parliament of South Africa?

Pretoria is the administrative capital, while Cape Town, as the seat of Parliament, is the legislative capital. Bloemfontein has traditionally been regarded as the judicial capital.

How many Parliament do we have in South Africa?

two Houses

The legislature (Parliament): The national legislature or Parliament consists of two Houses, the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces, whose members are elected by the people of South Africa. Each House has its distinct functions and powers, as set out in the Constitution.