Where Is Mouille Point In Cape Town South Africa

What is a Mouille Point?

Trendy Mouille Point is known for posh fish restaurants and steakhouses with oceanfront patios, and for the Sea Point Promenade, which winds along the oceanfront past the red-striped Green Point Lighthouse. 

Where Is Mouille Point In Cape Town South Africa?

Mouille Point (“Mu-lee”) is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, situated between the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and Granger Bay to the east, 

Green Point to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west. The suburb hugs the coastline and is dominated by high-end apartment blocks.

What is the history of Mouille Point in South Africa?

In 1781 the French arrived and built a battery near the unfinished mouille, naming it Mouille Point Battery.

The Green Point lighthouse is located here but, despite this, on 1 July 1966, during a fierce winter storm, a cargo ship, the S. A. Seafarer, ran aground between Mouille Point and Three Anchor Bay.