Where Is Loevenstein In Cape Town South Africa

What is a Loevenstein?

Loevenstein is an established suburb in the greater Bellville area, overlooking the Boland Hills. Bellville is a residential, commercial, and industrial area in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

Where Is Loevenstein In Cape Town South Africa?

Loevenstein is a suburb in City of Cape Town, Western Cape. Loevenstein is situated nearby to the suburb Die Rif and the neighborhood Bremerhof.

What area is Loevenstein?

Loevenstein has the N1 highway to the south and Tygerberg Nature Reserve to the west. This offers a central location in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Loevenstein is one of the larger suburbs in the Durbanville area and a popular buyers’ choice.

How much do you need to earn to live in Cape Town?

However, according to data from Numbeo, a salary of R30,000 or more per month is considered to be good.

This income would allow you to live comfortably in a major city like Johannesburg or Cape Town and have some money left to save or invest.