Where Is Kensington In Cape Town South Africa

What is a Kensington?

A Kensington Security Slot is part of an anti-theft system designed in the mid-1980s and patented by Kryptonite in 1999–2000, assigned to Schlage in 2002, and since 2005 owned and marketed by Kensington Products Group, a division of ACCO Brands.

Where Is Kensington In Cape Town South Africa?

Kensington is one of the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Kensington. Lord of Host. The State. Kensington is located in the Western Cape.

Is Kensington Cape Town a good area?


Incidents of common robbery are around 40. While the incidents of burglaries at residential premises are around 132, the incidents of theft out of or from motor vehicles are around 172. Barring the incidents of common assault, Kensington is a relatively safe place to stay.

What suburb is Kensington?

Kensington is the largest suburb in Johannesburg. It stretches from Fairview and Troyeville in the West, to Eastgate and Bedfordview border in the East.

It is bounded by Belgravia and Malvern in the South and by Judith’s Paarl, Bezuidenhout Valley, Dewetshof and Bruma in the North.