Where Is Housing Department In Cape Town South Africa

What is a Housing Department?

The Housing Department is the structure created by statute to be responsible for new construction, renovations, residential land acquisition, residential services, maintenance, the Home Loan program, and transitional housing.

Where Is the Housing Department In Cape Town South Africa?

Department of Housing

Name: Department of Housing

Tel:27 (0) 21 483 4466

Fax:27 (0) 21 483 3833

Postal Address:Private Bag X9083, Cape Town, 8000

Physical Address: ISM Building, 4th Floor, 27 Wale Street, Cape Town

City: Cape Town

Province: Western Cape

Country: South Africa

How do I check my Cape Town housing status?

Residents within the greater Cape Town region may contact City of Cape Town:

  1. Telephone – 021 444 0333.
  2. WhatsApp – 063 299 9927.
  3. Email – housing.db@capetown.gov.za.

How do I check my housing waiting list in South Africa?

It does take a very long time to get an RDP house, but you can check how far you are on the waiting list using this Housing Hotline number: 0800 146 873 or enter your ID number on the Online Housing Subsidy Portal.