Where Is District 6 In Cape Town South Africa

What is a District 6?

District Six is a former inner-city residential area in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1966, the apartheid government announced that the area would be razed and rebuilt as a “whites-only” neighborhood under the Group Areas Act.

Where Is District 6 In Cape Town South Africa?

District Six was a working-class Area just off the center of Cape Town, to the South of the Castle. Today it is an almost vacant lot, shown on maps as the Suburb of Zonnebloem.

Before being torn apart by the Apartheid Regime, during the sixties and seventies, District Six, was an impoverished but lively community of 55 000, predominantly Coloured People. It was once known as the soul of Cape Town, this inner-city area harbored a rich Cultural life in its narrow alleys and crowded tenements.

What is District 6 known for Cape Town?

District Six before its destruction under Apartheid, was a community representative of diversity on several levels – language, religion, economic class, geographical area of origin – and became a living example of how diversity could be a strengthening characteristic of a community and need not be feared.