Where Is Delft In Cape Town South Africa

Where Is Delft In Cape Town South Africa?

Delft is a township on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. It is situated next to the Cape Town International Airport, Belhar, Blue Downs, Ikwezi Park, Mandalay, Luzuko, Phillipi East, and Site C, Khayelitsha.

It is known for its recreational events, and youth empowerment organizations such as the Enkosi Foundation, and the community has established a mother body organization, the Delft Community Development Forum.

Delft is a community that consists of numerous government-built housing projects such as the N2 Gateway

Is Delft rural or urban?

Partly because of this, Delft became an important market town, the evidence for which can be seen in the size of its central market square. 

Having been a rural village in the early Middle Ages, Delft developed into a city, and on 15 April 1246, Count Willem II granted Delft its city charter.

Is Delft a good place to live?

It is a popular residential area for young families due to the proximity of schools, daycare centers, playgrounds as well as other family-oriented services. The Hof van Delft is another area where many residents love to live.