Where Is Cotswold In Port Elizabeth, South Africa

What is a Cotswold In Port Elizabeth?

Cotswold is one of Port Elizabeth’s long-standing suburbs and a popular choice when it comes to buying a home in which to nurture and raise a family.

Where Is Cotswold In Port Elizabeth, South Africa?

Cotswold is located in the region of Eastern Cape. Eastern Cape’s capital Bhisho (Bhisho) is approximately 214 km / 133 mi away from Cotswold (as the crow flies).

The distance from Cotswold to South Africa’s capital Pretoria (Pretoria) is approximately 944 km / 587 mi (as the crow flies).

How far is Cape Town from Port Elizabeth?

Distance from Port-Elizabeth to Cape-Town

The shortest distance (air line) between Port-Elizabeth and Cape-Town is 409.63 mi (659.23 km). The shortest route between Port-Elizabeth and Cape-Town is 465.14 mi (748.57 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. 8h 58min.