Where Is Cellucity In Port Elizabeth, South Africa

What is a Cellucity?

Cellucity is South Africa’s Leading Independent Cellphone Dealer

Where Is Cellucity In Port Elizabeth, South Africa?

A: Bay West Mall Shop LG30, Hunter’s Retreat, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Phone: (041) 371-1550

Is Cellucity part of Vodacom?

Cellucity is Vodacom’s oldest and leading independent dealer. While we only offer Vodacom deals on contract, our prepaid devices are SIM-free and are open to ALL networks (unless specified).

How many stores does Cellucity have in South Africa?

Cellucity now operates 32 award-winning retail branches within South Africa but is also involved in other successful, related businesses: Vodacom Rentals – offering mobile phone rental and billing services to business and international travelers.