Where Is Bloemfontein In Cape Town South Africa

What is Bloemfontein?

Bloemfontein, also known as Bloem, is the capital and the largest city of the Free State province in South Africa.

Where Is Bloemfontein In Cape Town South Africa?

It is one of the country’s three capital cities. South Africa’s other capitals are Cape Town and Pretoria. Bloemfontein lies at an elevation of 1400 m,

it is located in Free State province on the southern edge of the Highveld plateau at the border to Lesotho in central South Africa.

What cities are between Bloemfontein and Cape Town?

The top cities between Bloemfontein and Cape Town Central are Stellenbosch, Oudtshoorn, Franschhoek, Overstrand, Hermanus, Somerset West, and Paarl. Stellenbosch is the most popular city on the route.

It’s 11 hours from Bloemfontein and less than an hour from Cape Town Central.

What language do they speak in Bloemfontein South Africa?

Bloemfontein Mangaung (Sesotho) ǀʼAuxa ǃXās (ǃOrakobab)
• Afrikaans42.5%
• Sotho33.4%
• English7.5%
• Xhosa7.1%

How far is Bloemfontein from Cape Town by plane?

The flight distance between Bloemfontein and Cape Town is 909 km.

Is Bloemfontein rural or urban?

Bloemfontein is a medium sized city with rural feel.