Where Is Bellville In Cape Town South Africa

What is a Bellville?

Also known as a disc spring or cupped spring washer, a Belleville washer is a unique washer-style fastener that’s characterized by a cupped construction.

As shown in the image here, Belleville washers don’t lie flat. Rather, they feature a canonical shape in which the inner portion is higher than the lower portion.

Where Is Bellville In Cape Town South Africa?

Bellville is a small town and the neighborhood of Cape Town, South Africa, situated about 6 miles east of the city center.

It is quite a large and crowded community, with a population close to 122,000 people. People of various cultures, races, nationalities, and backgrounds live in Bellville. The town is a small educational center, with a few very good schools and colleges located there.

Is Bellville Cape Town a good place to live?

Bellville is a popular choice for buyers due to its easy access to Cape Town and the spacious, affordable homes available.

Properties are well established and appeal to families looking for large, spacious homes in a safe and friendly environment.

Is Bellville a small town?

Bellville, Belle of the Bluebonnet Country, is the County Seat of Austin County, Texas. It’s close in proximity to Houston and Bryan/College Station, but noted for typifying the small-town country life.

Founded in 1848 and incorporated in 1927, Bellville enjoys a population of approximately 4,200 residents.

Is Bellville a city or suburb?

Bellville is a well-established suburb of the city of Cape Town, with some of the best schools in the Western Cape.