Where Is Arniston In Cape Town South Africa

What is an Arniston?

‚ÄčThe Arniston was built on the River Thames, England in 1794. It was a three-decked and three-masted British East Indiaman vessel and was first used as a trading ship, completing eight successful voyages between India and China from November 1794 to June 1813 (Wreck of the Arniston | Time and Navigation, n.d.).

Where Is Arniston In Cape Town South Africa?

Arniston is a small seaside settlement on the coast of the Overberg region of South Africa, close to Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa.

What is the closest airport to Arniston?

The nearest airport to Arniston is Capetown (CPT). There is no direct connection from Nearby airports to Arniston. However, you can take the taxi to Bellville, take the bus to Swellendam, then take the taxi to Arniston.