Where Is Amazon In Cape Town South Africa

What is an Amazon?

Amazon is the largest online retailer and technology provider.

Where Is Amazon In Cape Town South Africa?

Where is Amazon located in South Africa?

Online retail giant Amazon to open shop in SA in 2024 | ITWeb

Cape Town

Although the company faced legal challenges with the construction of its headquarters in Cape Town, it was granted a reprieve in the matter, getting the go-ahead to build its multibillion-rand facility. Cape Town’s River Club Development will serve as the home of US retail giant Amazon.

How many days does it take for Amazon to deliver in South Africa?

Global Shipping Times

RegionStandard Shipping (business days)Priority Shipping (business days)
Republic of KoreaAs fast as 9 daysAs fast as 5 days
South AmericaAs fast as 12 daysAs fast as 8 days
Sub-Saharan AfricaAs fast as 15 daysAs fast as 10 days
United KingdomAs fast as 10 daysAs fast as 5 days