Where Is Amanda Glen In Cape Town South Africa

Where Is Amanda Glen In Cape Town South Africa?

Durbanville is a thriving area in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. It is the most coveted by young families wanting a modern lifestyle. This picturesque suburb has excellent schools and a semi-rural social atmosphere.

Durbanville is located on the north-eastern outskirts of Cape Town. Surrounded by vineyards and wheat-producing farms. Lending to its beauty and country charm.

Amanda Glen is situated in Durbanville, on the northern border of Bellville. It has a largely Afrikaans-speaking community, and this upmarket area has many freestanding family homes with large grounds. There are also townhouses, apartments, and clusters for buyers looking for smaller properties.

Climate in Durbanville

The weather in Durbanville is described as Mediterranean. Summers are hot and dry, and winters are mild. Rainfall is in the winter. The coldest month is June, when temperatures can drop as low as 6°C but also rise to 18°C. Summer temperatures are as high as 39 °C, but the average temperature is 28°C.