Where Can I Study Traffic Cop In South Africa

What is a Traffic Cop?

Traffic police are police officers, units, and agencies who enforce traffic laws and manage traffic. Traffic police include police who patrol highways, direct traffic, and address traffic infractions

Where Can I Study Traffic Cop In South Africa

Limpopo Traffic Training College

Boekenhoutkloof Traffic Training College

KZN Traffic Training College

Lengau Traffic Training College

Mangaung Traffic Training College

Gene Louw Traffic Training College

Durban Metro Police Department Academy

Johannesburg Metro Police Department Academy

Tshwane Metro Police Department Academy

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department Academy

Port Elizabeth Traffic Training College

Matjhabeng Traffic Training College

Cape Town Metro Police Department Academy

Mpumalanga Traffic Training College

Required School Subjects To Become A Traffic Cop In South Africa

You don’t need to study some specific subjects before you can become a traffic cop in South Africa. However, there are some major requirements that you have to meet before you will be allowed into the South African traffic cop industry. These requirements will be provided below.

  • South African Citizenship

Before you can be employed as a traffic cop in South Africa, you have to be a legal citizen of the country. Without proof of citizenship, you can never be allowed as an official South African traffic cop officer.

  • Under 35 years

When applying to be a traffic cop in South Africa, you shouldn’t exceed the age of 35. Once you have exceeded 35 years of age, your application will be denied.

  • No Criminal Record

This is another major requirement that you will need to fulfill before you can become a legal traffic cop officer in South Africa. You will pass through a criminal record check which must verify you as a clean-record citizen.

  • Medical Clearance

You must possess a medical clearance for strenuous physical activity before you would be employed as a South African traffic cop. Traffic control is quite strenuous work and you need to be verified whether you are deemed fit or not.

  • Code B Driving License

You must possess and submit a code B driving license during your application as a South African traffic cop.

  • Grade 12 Certificate

You must possess a Grade 12 certificate before you will be approved as a legal South African traffic cop. Without the certificate, your application process will be nullified.

How much do South African traffic officers earn?

According to PayScale a police officer earns an average salary of R157,951 per year. If you’re a police sergeant the average salary can be as high as R180, 481 per year. As a Traffic Manager, you would earn an average salary of R236,792 per year.

Why do I want to be a traffic officer?

They ensure that all road users including pedestrians use our roads in an orderly and safe manner. The main purpose of the Traffic Officer is to ensure the safe and free flow of traffic to prevent road crashes and deaths on our roads.

What are the duties of a traffic officer?

Traffic officers are sworn-in police, but they focus almost exclusively on maintaining traffic safety and efficiency on the roads.

This is the focus of their duties, which can include directing traffic, managing accidents, administering federal traffic money, and educating the public on laws and safety guidelines.

What to study to become a traffic officer?

To be hired as a traffic cop, interested candidates must apply to the police department.

Candidates need to have high school diplomas or the equivalent; they also need to be at least 21 years old and be U.S. citizens. A history of lawful behavior is mandatory, along with good financial and driving records.

How long do you study for traffic cop in South Africa?

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has established a Trainee Traffic Officer program, which is at NQF Level 6, which runs over three (3) years. Anyone interested in being part of this program is welcome to apply.