Where Can I Study Sports Psychology In South Africa

What is Sports Psychology?

Sport psychology was defined by the European Federation of Sport Psychology in 1996, as the study of the psychological basis, processes, and effects of sport. 

Where Can I Study Sports Psychology In South Africa?

Sport Science with Psychology, B.A. | Stellenbosch University | Stellenbosch, South Africa.

What degree is best for sports psychology?

You need a sports psychology degree, counseling degree, or sports sciences degree as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Most graduate schools admit students either with a sports psychology or sport sciences undergraduate degree, or a general psychology degree with courses or independent study in sports psychology.

How long is a sports psychology course?

Becoming a sports psychologist takes four years to earn a bachelor’s and an additional two years to earn a master’s.

Those pursuing a doctorate may also earn a master’s degree and complete an additional four to eight years.

How difficult is sports psychology?

The emphasis on teamwork may be difficult for independent-minded individuals. Requires extensive education, training, and experience.

Opportunities are generally more limited for bachelor’s and master’s degree-holders.