Where Can I Study Sound Engineering In South Africa

What is a Sound Engineering?

An audio engineer helps to produce a recording or a live performance, balancing and adjusting sound sources using equalization,

dynamics processing and audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound. 

Where Can I Study Sound Engineering In South Africa?

SAE Institute South Africa

Undertake the Bachelor of Audio at SAE and build your skills for a career in the audio industry.

How many years does it take to study Sound Engineering?

It can take two to six years to become a sound engineer. The time it takes depends on the career path you choose.

You can study through a postsecondary program like an associate or bachelor’s degree. In addition, you will have to develop some practical experience in the industry before you can achieve this role.

Is it hard to learn sound engineering?

However, audio engineering is both hard to learn independently, and finding a job without credentials can be challenging.

Your degree or certification is much more than a piece of paper it gives employers the confidence that you know how to work with expensive, sensitive equipment.