Where Can I Study Somatology In South Africa

What is a Somatology?

A branch of anthropology primarily concerned with the comparative study of human evolution, variation, and classification especially through measurement and observation.

Where Can I Study Somatology In South Africa?

The Department of Wellness Sciences at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology offers two qualifications,

namely a Diploma in Somatology and an Advanced Diploma in Somatology.

How much does a somatologist earn in South Africa?

somatologist who have less than two years of experience earn about 15,400 ZAR or less, whereas those with two to five years of experience are estimated to earn 20,600 ZAR.

Proceeding forward, a somatologist with five to fifteen years of experience earns income ranging from 26,800 ZAR to 32,500 ZAR per month.

How do I become a somatologist in South Africa?

The National Diploma is offered on a full-time basis only. Training given during the three-year and four-year (ECP) program leads to a Diploma and a one-year Advanced Diploma in Somatology respectively.

The program is divided into theoretical and practical components. Class practicals are performed on fellow students.