Where Can I Study Radiography In South Africa

What is Radiography?

Radiography is an imaging technique using X-rays, gamma rays, or similar ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation to view the internal form of an object.

Where Can I Study Radiography In South Africa?

The University of Pretoria offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Radiography in three professional fields, namely Diagnostics, Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine.

The Department of Radiography of the Faculty of Health Sciences is one of two such departments in South Africa offering a degree course.

How many years does it take to study radiography in South Africa?

The HPCSA accredited programme traditionally extends over 4-5 years.

What are the requirements to study radiography in South Africa?

Admission RequirementsMinimum APS of 31, English 5 (60%+), Mathematics 4 (50%+), Physical Sciences 4 (50%+) and Life Sciences 5 (60%+).

Are radiographers in demand in South Africa?

The shortage of radiographers in rural and remote areas is a concern in both developed and developing countries.

In South Africa, many radiographers leave the public health sector to find employment in the private health sector or emigrate to work in other countries.