Where Can I Study Radio Presenting in South Africa

What is Radio Presenting?

A radio personality is a person who has an on-air position in radio broadcasting. A radio personality who hosts a radio show is also known as a radio host, radio presenter, or radio jockey.

Where Can I Study Radio Presenting in South Africa?

The Wits Radio Academy is a center of training, research, and public engagement in the field of radio.

Based at the University of the Witwatersrand, the academy aims to make a special contribution to the development of radio in South Africa and beyond, with a particular focus on community radio.

How do I become a radio presenter in South Africa?

There are no specific qualifications to become a radio presenter. You can study anything and still end up in radio, but it helps if you go into the right area.

Courses related to acting or voice acting, speaking, or personality development will look pretty good on your CV when applying for a presenter job.

Does radio presenting pay well in South Africa?

Entry-level radio presenters in South Africa can expect to earn between R5,000 and R15,000 per month. These presenters usually have limited experience in the industry and are starting out in their careers.