Where Can I Study Power Engineering In South Africa

What is a Power Engineering?

Power engineering, also called power systems engineering, is a subfield of electrical engineering that deals with the generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electric power, and the electrical apparatus connected to such systems.

Where Can I Study Power Engineering In South Africa

  1. University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria (UP) ranks first in the country for electrical engineering studies. The UP’s Department of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education is one of the major departments in the Faculty of Education. It is well known for providing high-tech education to South Africa. 

The first Samsung e-Learning for the 21st-Century Educator training session was launched in 2017 in collaboration with UP. The program intends to provide educators with the knowledge and resources to utilize technology in the classroom efficiently. 

Are power engineers in demand in South Africa?

Electrical engineering skills are in high demand in South Africa. Whether you’re a qualified electrical engineer or an artisan in the field of electrical engineering, there’s bound to be a job opportunity for you.

Is power engineering a good career?

Some believe that power engineering is a less strenuous and less stressful career than other engineering fields; it is also a stable and relatively well-paying job, which makes it a desirable career for those who are not looking for a high-profile engineering position.

Is power engineering a hard job?

Ability to perform physical labor: Power engineers often perform duties that are active and physically challenging, such as maneuvering heavy equipment and repairing large systems and machinery.