Where Can I Study Philosophy In South Africa

What is a Philosophy?

Philosophy is a systematic study of general and fundamental questions concerning topics like existence, reason, knowledge, value, mind, and language. It is a rational and critical inquiry that reflects on its methods and assumptions.

Where Can I Study Philosophy In South Africa

University of Cape Town

University of Pretoria

University of the Witwatersrand

University of Stellenbosch

University of South Africa

Is philosophy a viable profession?

Students studying philosophy can focus on areas including law, public policy, and healthcare. Graduates are equipped for positions as public servants, lawyers, and medical ethics specialists.

They may also be community college instructors and might pursue a doctorate in philosophy or a comparable field from one of the colleges.

What kind of jobs do philosophers have?

Although there aren’t many full-time teaching positions available in philosophy and philosophers don’t have access to outside work opportunities as engineers or economists do, most philosophers make their livelihoods as college academics (see Professor).

What distinguishes psychology from philosophy?

Philosophy and psychology are different. When viewed as an academic field, philosophy is the study of the underlying nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Psychology is the study of the human mind and how it behaves in specific social situations.

What Are the Requirements to Study Philosophy?

English or language arts.

Natural science subjects (environmental science, physical science, chemistry, biology, or physics)

Social studies.



What qualifications are needed to study philosophy?

In general, however, a student would need a high school diploma to enter an undergraduate philosophy degree.

Students should also meet other minimum high school courses requirements, such as passing marks in English and natural science subjects.