Where Can I Study Pediatric Nursing In South Africa

What is a Pediatric Nursing?

Pediatric nursing is part of the nursing profession, specifically revolving around the care of neonates and children up to adolescence.

The word, pediatrics, comes from the Greek words ‘paedia’ and ‘iatrike’. ‘Paediatrics’ is the British/Australian spelling, while ‘pediatrics’ is the American spelling.

Where Can I Study Pediatric Nursing In South Africa

NINA Pediatric Nursing School | NINA South Africa.

How do I become a Pediatric Nurse in South Africa?

A four-year degree in nursing or an equivalent qualification. An appropriate postgraduate diploma in clinical nursing at NQF level 8 passed with a higher than 70% average.

Is nursing a good career in South Africa?

There is currently a lack of qualified and skilled nurses in South Africa, and this provides several employment opportunities for those who want to enter the nursing profession. Nursing is a skill in high demand, and that makes it a great move for those wanting a secure career.