Where Can I Study Operations Management In South Africa

What is Operations Management?

Operations management is concerned with designing and controlling the production of goods and services, ensuring that businesses are efficient in using resources to meet customer requirements. It is concerned with managing an entire production system that converts inputs into outputs.

Where Can I Study Operations Management In South Africa

Cape Peninsula University of Technology ( CPUT )

Nelson Mandela University.

University of Johannesburg (UJ)

Vaal University of Technology (VUT)

What are the requirements to study operations management?


  • Students must have a 65% average for any relevant National Diploma, Diploma, or Degree at the discretion of the Head of Department, or a 60% average, with two years of relevant post-diploma/degree working experience.
  • Mathematics I or equivalent at an NQF Level 5.

Is operations management in demand in South Africa?

If you’re a production/operations manager, then your occupation is currently in high demand in South Africa. Production/operations manager is featured on the critical skills occupation list.

How long is the course of operations management?

Three years full-time or part-time. The programme prepares the student for positions such as trainee production/operations manager, work-study officer, quality controller, customer services, materials manager, and production foreman/superintendent and quality consultant.

Is there a lot of math in operations management?

Yes. Many advanced tools and techniques in supply chain planning, such as machine learning, inventory management, predictive maintenance, and automation, all rely heavily on mathematics.

Is Operation management easy?

The job of operations managers can be challenging and stressful at times, but these professionals are usually compensated very well for their time, education, skills and experience.

Why do people study operations management?

Operations management is important in a business organisation becauseĀ it helps effectively manage, control and supervise goods, services and people.

It cuts across the sector and industry. In the health sector, operations management ensures proper health delivery with the right instruments at the right time.