Where Can I Study Land Surveying In South Africa

What is a Land Surveying?

Surveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, art, and science of determining the terrestrial two-dimensional or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them.

Where Can I Study Land Surveying In South Africa

University of Kwazulu Natal

The College at the University of Kwazulu Natal operates on the Pietermaritzburg, Westville, and Howard College campuses, offering a full range of excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including this Land Surveying degree.

What subjects are needed to become a land surveyor in South Africa?

National Technical Certificate (N4) with passes at 50% in four (4) relevant subjects including Mathematics and Engineering Science or an equivalent SAQA NQF Level 4 qualification, as well as compliance with the English Language requirements as stated in General Rules.

Are surveyors in demand in South Africa?

There is a general shortage of professional land surveyors and technical surveyors, with the result that many work opportunities exist throughout South Africa (and even worldwide).

How much do land surveyors make in South Africa?

Find out what the average Surveyor’s salary is

How much does a Surveyor make in South Africa? The average surveyor salary in South Africa is R 390 000 per year or R 200 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 240 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 2 530 499 per year.

What does a land surveyor do in South Africa?

A Land Surveyor is an expert in matters relating to land, not only with the existence and extent of rights, restrictions, and responsibilities below, above or on the surface of land but also in determining the physical size and shape of it.

Is quantity surveying a good career in South Africa?

Registered quantity surveyors enjoy employment opportunities in the building and construction sector, government departments, in the property sector, banks and the manufacturing industry.

Who is responsible for the surveying of land in South Africa?

The offices of the four Surveyors-General examine and approve all cadastral surveys for the registration of ownership of property and real rights in land.

There are Eight(8) Surveyor-General’s offices in South Africa, each of which regulates cadastral surveys in the provinces for which it is responsible.