Where Can I Study Kinderkinetics In South Africa

What is a Kinderkinetic?

Kinderkinetics is a profession that aims to promote and optimize the neuromotor development of young children (0-12 years), through scientifically based physical activity.

Where Can I Study Kinderkinetics In South Africa

Stellenbosch University’s Sport Science (Kinder Kinetics) program extends over one year on a full-time basis.

Who developed Kinderkinetics?

The development of Kinderkinetics began officially in 1994 in Human Movement Science at the North-West University (then the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (PU for CHE)).

What are the benefits of kinderkinetics?

Benefits of Kinderkinetics:

Increase brain development. Development of sport-specific skills. Well-developed fundamental and motor skills. Appropriate rehabilitation programs for children with developmental difficulties.