Where Can I Study Information Technology In South Africa

What is Information Technology?

Information technology is a set of related fields that encompass computer systems, software, programming languages, and data and information processing and storage. IT forms part of information and communications technology.

Where Can I Study Information Technology In South Africa

University of KwaZulu-Natal.

University of South Africa.

University of Pretoria.

University of Cape Town.

University of Johannesburg.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

University of the Witwatersrand.

How many years to study Information Technology in South Africa?

Overview. The minimum study period for this qualification is three years of study and a maximum of six years.

What subjects are needed for IT in South Africa?

  • Maths-Intensive Subjects. Accounting. Engineering and Graphics Design (EGD) …
  • Time-Intensive Subjects. Computer Applications Technology (CAT) Dramatic Arts. …
  • Complete the Elective Subject List. Accounting. Business Studies. …
  • Additional Subjects. Advanced Programme Mathematics (optional 8th subject) …
  • Subject Change Policy.

Is IT in demand in South Africa?

Regarding information technology, across Gauteng, the Eastern Cape, and the Western Cape provinces, demand for IT professionals increased significantly until August 2022. However, CareerJunction reported that since August 2022, hiring activity in this sector has decreased year-on-year.