Where Can I Study Industrial Engineering In South Africa

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering is an engineering profession that is concerned with the optimization of complex processes, systems, or organizations by developing, improving, and implementing integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, and equipment. Industrial engineering is central to manufacturing operations.

Where Can I Study Industrial Engineering In South Africa

University Of South Africa (UNISA)

UNISA is one of the most reputable colleges or teaching institutions in South Africa. It is known for churning out properly trained and equipped graduates who become excellent professionals at workstations. The same applies to teachers that go through the university’s system. 

University Of Western Cape (UWC)

UWC offers teaching under their faculty of education and faculty of Arts. The education faculty offers a bachelor’s degree in education, which takes four years to complete.

On the other hand, the faculty of arts offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a postgraduate certificate of education, which is an equivalent qualification that enables graduates to teach.

Tshwane University Of Technology(TUT)

TUT also offers education courses that can prepare trainees to become great teachers. Some of their course include Bachelor’s in Education, Advanced Certificate in Education, Advanced Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teaching, and postgraduate qualifications.

University Of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town is another excellent choice for people pursuing teaching professionally.

The college offers several teaching qualifications, including Advanced Certificate in Education, PGDip in Educational Technology, Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Bachelor in Education Honours, and Higher Education Studies Programmes. The school also has post-graduate teaching, but these only occur in the School of Education.

Stellensbosch University (SU)

As an enthusiastic student, you will find that the faculty of education at SU is worth your time. The school offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs depending on your qualifications.

A good example would be a bachelor’s in Education and a Bachelor’s in Education Honors. You can also pursue your Master’s and Doctoral degrees at the school.

Rhodes University

This is the ideal school for people wanting to study teaching in the Eastern Cape region. The teaching programs offered under this faculty include BEd, Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education, PGCE, and different postgrad degrees.

University Of Venda

Better known as Univen, this university has a school of education and offers different education courses. The first course you will come across is the Bachelor of Education: FET.

This teaching degree equips and prepares teachers who qualify to work/ teach at both Senior Phases and Further Education and Training (FET) bands. Besides that, it is one of the schools that offers teaching courses for early education.

Is industrial engineering in demand in South Africa?

In addition, the SAIIE industry forum [16] estimates that about 1,000 industrial engineers are needed every year to meet this level of industrial engineering demand for South Africa.

What subjects are needed to become an industrial engineer in South Africa?

Mathematics, including numerical methods and statistics (13%) a. Basic sciences: the natural sciences essential to the program (15%) b. Engineering sciences (40%) c. Engineering design and synthesis (16%) d.